Jason Findley


my name is jason findley. i was trained as a traditional Artist and 3D generalist, with a time-honed specialization in characters and sculpting/look dev/concepting. my family and i are newly arrived in Portland, OR, and i am currently freelancing on various projects.

formerly employed by toys for bob (a division of activision/blizzard), on skylanders, as a senior character artist, where i sculpted, modeled, uv'd, and textured characters. i also prototyped toys, for the "skylanders" franchise.

formerly employed at telltale games on titles such as "tales of monkey island", "strong bad's cool game for attractive people", "wallace and gromit's grand adventures", "sam and max: the devil's playhouse", "jurassic park: the game", "poker night at the inventory", "the walking dead", and "a wolf among us".

i'm also certified in zbrush. :)


  • characters
  • tv commercials
  • movies
  • sculptures
  • concepts
  • print
  • game models
  • creatures


  • texturing
  • silo
  • sculpting
  • zbrush
  • modeling
  • maya
  • photoshop
  • xsi
  • mudbox
  • uv'ing
  • character/creature concepting
  • 3d